The headlines remind us that ‘what got you here won’t get you there’. That means – renovate your thinking and do things differently.

It’s not as daunting as you may think! Habits are our ‘operating system’ and it needs updating for the same reason our electronic devices do.

Regular OS updates enable our devices to be more powerful, fixes the bugs, improves features and strengthens security. We can use a similar process to ensure that we’re adapting to current needs and expectations.


Habits are a hot topic. For over two decades, technology has been collecting our online data. When the companies interpreted the data – they found gold in unexpected places. [Compare your telecom package from five years ago to today. Then they bundled 6 GB of data into your package for free. Today you would pay over $50 + $10/per GB for anything over your limit.]

They were giving away something highly valued, till they analyzed the data. They redefined what held real value in their services. Customer behavior shifted their thinking. Daily we see evidence of business models, and occupations morphing rapidly because of what the collected data is revealing.

Believe it or not, our behavior gives them the data to shape processes to increase revenues. Behavior Design specialists use persuasion along the buying path. Technology hooks us by deliberately targeting addictive tendencies otherwise known as engagement. Habit Forming Technology is the new game in town.  


If our habits can be so useful to them, surely they can be valuable to us! You see instead of telling us what we should be doing, they examined what we did. Then found a way to get us to do more of what benefited them.

If you’re thinking ‘what worked then isn’t going to take me to what’s next’, consider taking a deeper look at your existing behavior to shape ways to get to where you’re going.

Habit interpretation brings valuable insights into view. Your attention applied to a crucial thinking or behavior tendency can lead to significantly better outcomes.

 If you know or sense that “there’s gotta be a better way’ than your current situation, then let’s have a discussion. Two heads are better than one!

Contact me judi@habitinterpreter.com or 416.761.1533

Judi Walsh


Something for you to think about…

What if you paid attention to your habit data and used it to reduce the struggle of adapting to a change you’re facing?

What if you could work with and through others with less conflict? Would that make a difference for you?

What if you could be more influential as a colleague, parent or friend? Would that make a difference for you?

 What if instead of second guessing yourself, you found an approach that feels like an honest fit?  Would that restore your confidence and motivation?

 If you are in a situation and would like to discuss how to handle it,  let’s have a discussion. Contact me at 416.761.1533

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As a Habit Interpreter I specialize in working with women, personally and professionally, who wonder ‘how can a smart woman like me be in a situation like this?

My mother tongue is sign language as my parents were deaf. My brain is wired as an interpreter, and this approach impacts how I think and work. I have experienced firsthand how important it is to make sense of different perceptions and perspectives.

You can learn more about my work with women   Why would anyone need a habit interpreter?

Judi Walsh has helped leaders and employees operationalize their change plans for over two decades. She uses a behavior lens and discovery approach equipping individuals to get out of their own way, bring others along and build stronger relationships in the midst of implementing change.

You can learn more about my work coaching leaders in transitiondeal with difficult situations or perception management.   


If you know or sense “there’s gotta be a better way’ than your current situation, then let’s have a discussion. Two heads are better than one! Contact me judi@habitinterpreter.com or 416.761.1533