How To Cope When Your Role Changes?

In a Toronto Star article, Feb 2014, Royal LePage president and CEO Phil Soper acknowledged the role of the realtor is changing.  “One of the key things I tell our people is that your role is not to be a house finder. That was a 1990s job. Today’s consumers grew up on Google — no one is more excited about finding a house in a particular neighbourhood than they are.

“What they need you to be is an interpreter of data, a consultant, an adviser and a professional negotiator who ensures that not just the price, but the terms and conditions of this complex deal are well managed. That’s where all our focus should be.”

Maze What Now?

This perspective applies to many other areas of our personal and professional lives. Informed consumers have reams of research and endless advice tips on what to do about their particular situation.

However, as we adapt to a relentless pace of change, there are times when our strengths get squeezed and we begin to struggle.

  • If you’re a decisive person and now find making a decision difficult, it’s perplexing.
  • If you’re a socialiser and the additional demands on your time leave little time for yourself let alone others, it can be draining.
  • If you’ve always been optimistic and find that your confidence is waning, it can be off putting.

How do you move through the struggle in a way that fits your distinctive situation?  Perhaps the comments like “Just Do It!”  or “Believe in Yourself!” inspired you for a few days but not through the struggle zone. That is where interpretation of your perceptions and insights can make a difference.

Interpretation mines your current situation and considers the dots you have to connect to find a path that fits. It is a situation to be faced, dealt with and learned from. Learning your way through these struggle zones contributes to personal and professional growth.

Times have changed; it is important to update how you can cope. Outdated thinking and behavior will keep you struggling.  It is important to tap into the unique data revealed by your current situation and see it through multiple lenses so you can update your coping skills.

Judi Walsh is The Habit Interpreter. She has extensive experience helping intelligent individuals crack the code of their behaviors. With so much personal and professional change, it means making alternate choices and decisions to suit your phase and stage of life. Identifying what to do and determining how to put new behaviors into practice can be challenging. She uses unique processes to extract insights to unlock your adaptability.
Photo: DepositPhotos