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A women’s educational series.

  • A brief podcast is posted on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month
  • An interactive conference call is scheduled within a week. Calls are energizing and insightful. You get an opportunity to discuss what insights were triggered for you and how what you learned or unlearned may be useful to your future plans.
  • Specific details to follow.


Why this series?  Why Now?   

To me, we’re at a point in time where we have never been before.

Data confirms that women today are the healthiest, wealthiest, most active, independent and influential generation of women in history.

It means we have opportunities for learning, unlearning and relearning.

It’s obviously a different world than our mothers experienced. It deserves a closer look to see whether your thinking has kept pace with the changes.  


The following few reasons are merely the tip of the iceberg of why we need to update our thinking?  


Why struggle in a power system that wasn’t designed for women?

The media does its utmost to reinforce the perception that women are preoccupied with appearance issues rather than accomplishments.

The data support a different reality – women are focused on accomplishment. For those over forty, their most significant achievements happen in their future, not their past.

The odds for promotion are rigged. By mid-forties, women realize the ‘inner circle of power’ options are rarely open to them.

When fairness doesn’t exist and compensation is inequitable, why stay? 

Look around your network – how many women changed organizations or started their own business in their forties?



Why struggle in a system that rewards dehumanizing behavior?

The #Me Too Movement stories had a significant common thread. Both women and men perceived silence as protection. Both cited income and reputation were their key reasons for maintaining silence.

For those violated, silence as protection became a personal prison. For perpetrators, silence became protection of a different kind – a moat. They were able to put legal and financial muzzles on anyone who dared to speak up about the behavior of someone in or near the ‘power circle’. The moat of silence protected their professional assets.

Enough – a rallying cry from millions. Teens to elders are unified in transforming silence into a loud chorus – a powerful force disrupting the current systems.

Even if only 10 percent are committed to staying engaged and speaking up, an alternate system will result.

This force is greater than a gender fight. It encompasses anyone who is different and not included in the inner circle. Did you know Me Too is ten years old?

Perhaps you don’t believe that redistribution of power is a probability.

Have you heard of Uber? 

Do you know any companies that were forced to ‘adapt or die’ because of disruptors?  




More to follow…