Growth Skills

For women in your forties and fifties,

your greatest achievements are ahead, not behind you!

Assessing your journey so far, you can honestly say

“I have accumulated valuable experience and expertise.”

Now What?


Moving forward, growth needs to be defined by you, for you. It’s about going deeper and becoming stronger in ways distinct to you. You have enough experience and awareness to navigate through most any challenge or setback.

You sense better things are ahead. Though it’s crystal clear packaged success solutions won’t cut it this time.


Are you deciding what’s next?  

Or, determining how to get there?


Some struggles aren’t visible to others. It becomes a private quest to build on your abilities and manage through certain struggles with less exertion.

Moving forward depends upon discovery, interpretation, and navigation. It’s time to define what “better” means to you and to achieve it on your terms.

Women are Stronger, Smarter, Fitter

Women have been achieving significant accomplishments in their forties, fifties, and sixties for the past thirty years.

The media does its utmost to reinforce the perception that we’re preoccupied with appearance issues rather than accomplishments.

The data support a different reality – women are focused on accomplishment after forty and their greatest achievements happen in their future, not their past.

Yet in spite of years of smashing old attitudes and behaviors, you may still catch yourself thinking


Do you wonder where this thinking comes from or why it leaks in at the most inconvenient times?

To disentangle yourself from a struggle or paradox, you need perspective.


Join Judi for a perspective shifting journey.  

Learn how changes in the past fifty years have shaped your life and changed our workplace.


Reserve in your calendar one of the following educational conference calls in the events.  Registration opens Sep 6th, 2017

Career runway changes:  women are taking off, men are landing.

Sun  Oct 1st   8:00 pm

Wed  Oct 11th   12:30 pm

Fri  Oct 20th      11:00 am


Wonder Woman:  75 yrs of episodes, strong, yet never won a battle

Sun  Oct 29th   8:00 pm

Wed  Nov 1st    12:30 pm

Fri  Nov 10th      11:00 am



All times are ET zone

What you can expect

  • The big picture – Then & Now – highlighting the major shifts
  • Clues as to why you are/aren’t where you thought you would be
  • To gain context & understanding for your strengths and struggles
  • A shift in perspectives to free up growth energy

There is no charge to participate and the call can be accessed via toll-free line or via computer. 

Upon registration, we will confirm your place and send you coordinates 3 days before the scheduled call.

Who should attend?  

Designed for women 40 plus. Whatever phase of life you are moving out of or into, you will discover valuable insights.

 To register:  TBD

Questions?  Or, want an onsite Learning Lab for your colleagues and friends? 

Contact me

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