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After forty, for women, the best is yet to come!


The data validates this, yet the messaging is mixed. To counteract the contradictory messages, we need to adjust the lens we are using.

Data confirms that women today are the healthiest, wealthiest, most active, independent and influential generation of women in history.

You’re one of those women.

In spite of years of smashing old attitudes and behaviors, you may still catch yourself with a doubt level that doesn’t match the story your accomplishments tell.


Why is that? 

Many things contribute to this paradox. And we cover those factors in our free educational conference call series.

To disentangle yourself from a struggle or paradox, you need perspective. It’s like flying over a city and seeing the big picture. The perspective you gain from an aerial view differs from your ground level view.

Your perceptions – of where you are today when contrasted with the ‘then and now’ – give you hidden insights. Once you see something, it’s difficult to unsee it. These calls act like the aerial views mentioned above.

The bigger picture provides valuable context. It opens you to new thinking and draws on personal insights to move forward with less struggle.

Join Judi for a perspective shifting journey.

Learn how changes in the past fifty years have shaped your life and changed our workplace.


When you’re ready to dive deeper, Judi’s Learning Labs are designed for women on a growth journey. Our discovery process unmasks what’s real and what’s perception. You will gain insight into how you get in your own way and what needs to change to navigate situations skillfully.

Each topic has its own set of discovery processes and journaling tools. They help you build greater awareness and define the meaning of ‘on my terms.’

These labs focus on key struggle areas of

  • second guessing
  • difficult relationships and
  • building stronger conviction and celebration skills

The labs are small group sessions, a combo of conference calls and an in-person session in Toronto West. There is some pre-work to ensure you are mind-ready for the session.

For out of town participants, we’re planning a Zoom Meeting version of each lab.


Details will be posted Sep 16, 2017.  Meanwhile, check your calendars for Oct/Nov and reserve one of the dates for the conference calls.  You will gain interesting and valuable perspective.


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