Why Are Habits a Hot Topic?

Whenever something is a hot topic, you know there’s money to be made.


It’s an endless buffet of ‘advice for a price’. There are currently over 7,000 books on habits. People are selling happiness, an end to self-doubt, ways to eliminate procrastination or increase sticking to priorities. You can even learn the habits that will enable you to live comfortably on a four hour work week.

One of the main reasons is that embedded into the seller’s journey is Habit Forming Technology. Similar to how the salt and sugar in our food chain make it very difficult to put down chips or chocolate, companies are capable of hooking millions of people into taking action. The steps are simple and seem benign initially, but the stakes are guaranteed to escalate over time. Those companies want your attention and eventually your money.

Anyone with an electronic device has experienced being hooked. It may be free for now but not for long. Like everything, there is an upside and a downside. What’s important is that you’re aware of being deliberately hooked.

 Photo: DepositPhotos