What if ….Uncertainty Were a Skill to Master Versus a Problem to Fix?

Companies in the midst of change have a demand for employees who can adapt to and drive change.


Today’s companies are reshaping their organizations. Media articles bombard us daily about how many jobs are in the crosshairs of technology and are evaporating due to creative destruction. Gone are the stable workplaces that existed prior to globalization.

Uncertainty, when viewed through the lens of stability, needs to be fixed. However, when viewed through the lens of shaping the business for the future, uncertainty becomes a skill set to master.

Think about that for a minute…..uncertainty is a force, and you can let it wear you down as you try to hang on, or you could become skillful at handling uncertainty. It would mean taking risks, handling situations you haven’t seen before, being unafraid to tackle problems with limited knowledge, communicating extensively and learning on the fly.

What adds more value, hanging on or adapting and problem-solving?

At the end of the day, is it better to be tired from frustration or challenge?

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If reshaping business is the way of the future, becoming skillful at handling uncertainty would enable you to create earning security because it is a skill set every changing company requires.


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